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Blast Resistance Concrete

Duracrete PP fibres and Silica fumes in any concrete structure enhances many of its mechanical properties, especially for structures exposed to sudden impact or blast loading. Various tests were performed in laboratory on properties of concrete and remarkable increase in properties of concrete was observed. Acknowledgement: National University of Sciences & Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan

Reduce Weed in Landscape

Dupont Landscape Systems From high quality, chemical free weed control, root barrier and plant protection solutions to pond and surfacing solutions, Dupont Landscape Solutions offer a complete range of smart products for professionals Application: Roof Garden Driveways and patios Hard landscape Compost container liner Soil improvement & drainage Soil stabilization & slope protection Sloping pond …

Role of geotextile: Road pavements and bridges

This presentation highlights the potential market for geotextile in Pakistan. Recent floods and earthquakes have highlighted the urgent need to make better road networks and use of Geotextile can enhance the performance of road pavements and also extend the service life of road pavements. Hasan Akhtar discussed the current road infrastructure situation in Pakistan and …