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Organo Plus available at Flower Show 2014

Why Use Organo Plus (Organic Fertilizer) “Organo Plus is Safe” Unlike most Khad, which is susceptible to carry various diseases that are injuries to health and “Organo Plus is Economical” In comparison to the cheapest Khad, Organo Plus is approximately 3 to 4 times cheaper. Organo Plus is used and approved by following organization Benefits […]

Organic Fertilizer & Soil Conditioner

Usage of Organic Fertilizer? “Organo Plus” organic fertilizer & soil conditioner. Free of pests, weed seeds, E. Coli, bacteria, parasite, pesticides and heavy metals. Organo Plus has high organic matter that aids in soil fertility. Ideal for garden lawn and plants. Organic Green Lawn Healthy & Strong Plants with Organic Fertilizer Vegetables Grown with Organic Fertilizer