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Erosion Control with Typar Geotextile

Typar geotextile provides a cost-effective replacement to conventional well graded filter between soil to be retained and concrete slab revetments which protect the filter geotextile. Road embankments are susceptible to soil erosion. For Suna road project, UEP used DuPont Typar geotextile to filter and prevent soil movement along the surface of the slope. Traditionally multi-phased […]

Roof Insulation

What is Titanium Coating? Titanium is a high-quality elastomeric coating. The Titanium coating work on the principal of reflection to insulate and reduce thermal connectivity. ADVANTAGES Saves energy Weather Resistance Relatively over temperature variations Environmentally Friendly Remains intact on flexible surfaces Excellent crack bridging Exceptional film durability Easy to apply Rapid drying for quick re-coating […]

Restoration of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Karachi

Overview Background: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral was built in 1845 using natural stone. With time the heritage building has experienced weathering and degradation, particularly along the plinth of the building. Ground moisture was identified as the main cause of degradation and weathering of the natural stone structure. Problem: As part of preservation and restoration work, a […]

Typar vs Other Geotextiles Performance

Typar offers benefits of high tensile strength of woven geotextile as well as elongation of needle punch geotextile making it the most versatile geotextile. Overview DuPont™ Typar® SF has a high tensile strength, a high elongation, and also a high initial modulus which is the ideal combination of properties for geosynthetic applications (for comparison see […]