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Flood Protection with Typar Geotextile

In recent past, Pakistan has been impacted by floods in 2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. The floods of 2010 caused significant damage to the irrigation and drainage network as well as the road infra-structure in all four provinces. Soil erosion caused by fast moving flood water is a significant contributor to damaged roads […]

Fibre Reinforced Canal Lining

Overview Canal water carries heavy and lighter mineral particles with abnormal velocity that can damage canal lining by abrasion and impact. Fibre reinforced concrete provides abrasion, impact resistance, improves quality and enhances durability of canal lining. Canal Lining with Duracrete Fibre Canal Lining without Duracrete Fibre Benefits Seepage Loss: Irrigation and water supply in unlined […]

Road Drainage Systems with Typar Geotextile

Overview To manage surface and ground water for road network, subsurface drains are built with a permeable conduit such as corrugated plastic, geonet, tubing, tile, stone, pipe or any combination installed beneath the ground surface to collect and/or convey drainage water to an outlet. Effective subsurface drains are essential to prevent the harmful and destructive […]