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3rd Workshop on Construction Materials

Construction Industry Perspective The 3rd National Workshop on Construction Materials was held on Saturday, March 09, 2013 at NED University of Engineering and Technology. The workshop was organized by Construction Materials Research Group (CMRG) at NED University of Engineering and Technology, which was established with the vision to strengthen the research related to construction materials […]

Concrete Finishing Tips

Get the most our of DURACRETE® by following these finishing tips. Always joint and cure your concrete properly as per ACI practice. FRC will appear to be slightly stiffer than plain concrete, because fibre acts as a cohesive agent …

Bunker-Busting Smart Concrete

Iran makes some of the world’s toughest concrete. It can cope with earthquakes and, perhaps, bunker-busting bombs A DUAL-USE technology is one that has both civilian and military applications. Enriching uranium is a good example. A country may legitimately do so to fuel power stations. Or it may do so illegitimately to arm undeclared nuclear […]

Interview: Bridging the knowledge gap

Building habitats and structures has been native to mankind since the onset of civilisation. Apart from shelter and security, structures have been erected to portray authority, commemorate love and advocate cultural heritage. These structures were built from naturally occurring substances such as clay, sand, wood, rocks, twigs and even leaves. As time progressed, research and […]

Role of geotextile: Road pavements and bridges

This presentation highlights the potential market for geotextile in Pakistan. Recent floods and earthquakes have highlighted the urgent need to make better road networks and use of Geotextile can enhance the performance of road pavements and also extend the service life of road pavements. Hasan Akhtar discussed the current road infrastructure situation in Pakistan and […]

Concrete reinforcing fibres offered cheaper – EUREKA

Tom Shelley reports on an alternative source of polymer fibres to dramatically improve the mechanical engineering properties of concrete Following the publication of our article in the January edition of Eureka, “Polymer fibres make flexible concrete to withstand earthquakes”, it has been brought to our attention that a company in Pakistan has for some time […]