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Overview Meeting held on 31 July 2018 to review ASTM standards for measurement of physical properties of geotextile including thickness, weight, and opening size. Standards for deterioration of geotextile and shear strength at interface of geosynthetics were also reviewed. Meeting was attended by representative from public and private sector.

Lecture on Construction & Material at Architecture NED

Duracrete Fibre: Application of fibre in non structural concrete including plaster and screeding was discussed. Active role of architects in specifying the fibre applications. Fly Ash: Benefits of fly ash in fair face concrete and reducing segregation and honey combing was highlight. Geosynthetic Material: Use of geotextile for high rise building basement drainage as well …

Jute Soil Saver

The Natural Solution for Soil Erosion Problems Without Soil Saver Problems Slopes exposed due to construction are susceptible to erosion due to wind and water until vegetation is established. With Soil Saver Soil Saver provides reliable, inexpensive solution to retain soil on slope during implementation of landscape work. Promoting Jute Soil Saver Mr. Waqar Alam, …