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Erosion Control with Typar Geotextile

Typar geotextile provides a cost-effective replacement to conventional well graded filter between soil to be retained and concrete slab revetments which protect the filter geotextile. Road embankments are susceptible to soil erosion. For Suna road project, UEP used DuPont Typar geotextile to filter and prevent soil movement along the surface of the slope. Traditionally multi-phased […]

IGS-PK Presentation at NESCOM

To raise awareness for Geosynthetics, International Geosynthetic Society, IGS-PK gave presentations followed by panel discussion at NESCOM-National Engineering and Scientific Commission in Islamabad. IGS-PK members included Hasan S Akhtar, Col (R) Syed Muhammad Tehseen Yazdani, Usman Tassaduq and Saiyed Nadir Sajid. Topic of presentations included introduction to geotextile and geomembrane, it’s benefits and application in […]

IGS Presentation at NESPAK

To raise awareness for International Geosynthetic Society, IGS-PK gave presentations followed by group discussion at NESPAK (National Engineering Services) (Pvt) Karachi office. The topic of the presentations included introduction to IGS and application of geotextile in road construction built in soft clay and sandy soils. Traditional solutions were technically and financially compared with modern solution […]

Road Drainage Systems with Typar Geotextile

Overview To manage surface and ground water for road network, subsurface drains are built with a permeable conduit such as corrugated plastic, geonet, tubing, tile, stone, pipe or any combination installed beneath the ground surface to collect and/or convey drainage water to an outlet. Effective subsurface drains are essential to prevent the harmful and destructive […]