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Erosion Control with Typar Geotextile

Typar geotextile provides a cost-effective replacement to conventional well graded filter between soil to be retained and concrete slab revetments which protect the filter geotextile. Road embankments are susceptible to soil erosion. For Suna road project, UEP used DuPont Typar geotextile to filter and prevent soil movement along the surface of the slope. Traditionally multi-phased […]

Lecture on Construction & Material at Department of Architecture and Planning NED City Campus

Duracrete Fibre: Application of fibre in non structural concrete including plaster and screeding was discussed. Active role of architects in specifying the fibre applications. Fly Ash: Benefits of fly ash in fair face concrete and reducing segregation and honey combing was highlight. Geosynthetic Material: Use of geotextile for high rise building basement drainage as well […]

Duracrete Fibre as a Concrete Floor Hardener

Overview Most industrial floor slabs will over their design life, are subjected to external forces, which even before the concrete has hardened, can lead to a reduction in quality of concrete and its future performance. Duracrete Fibres give an effective reduction of plastic shrinkage cracking and increased hardened state properties in cementitious mixes. Duracrete Fibre […]